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Terms & Conditions of Forwarding Services


These general terms and conditions apply to all Freight Forwarding Services performed by Far East Logistics, as a handling agent. Freight Forwarding Services means services of any kind relating to the carriage, consolidation, handling, declaring of goods and documentation. Once your goods are handed over to our Chinese counterpart’s warehouse in China, together with the required documents, we assume that you are clear and agree to our forwarding terms & conditions.


To prevent unnecessary dispute in the future, kindly go through this General Terms & Conditions:


1.       Far East’s performances may be affected by risks (including but not limited to the condition of goods) that is not arising from any fault or neglect of Far East. Some of the risks are as stated below:

a.       The loss or damage of goods whilst the goods are not in the custody or control of Far East

b.      Valuables or dangerous goods likely to have the risk of being held and seize by local authority, loss, damage, and incur duties

c.       Delay in delivery due to weather conditions, holiday, natural disaster and Act of God

d.      Volumetric Weight


2.       Once payment is being made, customers need to acknowledge and understand the various risks involved which are beyond the control of Far East, as stated above.


3.        Far East is not providing courier and air freight services, not a shipping company and not local authorities. Far East is act as an agent in the organization of packing, handling and logistics to reach the destination in Malaysia.


a.       Any fraud or deception cases dealing with Chinese sellers, authenticity and quality of goods, discrepancies in size, colour, quantity and more. Kindly deal with the Chinese sellers directly for such discrepancies.

b.      The estimated date of delivery is for references only. Far East is not liable and will not compensate for any delay caused by factors that beyond Far East’s responsibility.

c.       Tax and duties are not included. The tax and duties impose by Chinese’s authority is not much (less than 1% of goods being imposed). Our staff will assist our customers to minimize the tax or duties. Far East shall not be liable for the tax or duties imposed on your goods. To be secure, we recommend to incorporate the tax or duties amount into the goods’ value.


4.        Customer is advised to fully understand the weight calculation metrics based on international air freight and sea freight. The forwarding fee is per the volumetric weight as declared or informed by customers. Far East is not responsible for any penalty charges.


5.       Far East is based on volumetric weight calculation. To prevent easier warehouse management, we suggest customers to check and ensure all goods are well delivered to warehouse before submitting final shipping document. No changes are allowed once the shipping document is being submitted.



6.       Far East does not provide the services of repackaging and examination of goods. If the goods are not physically located in our warehouse, kindly provide the acknowledgement of goods received to verify if the goods are being received by our warehouse staff.


7.       In the event where courier document confirms that Far East’s partner warehouse has received the goods and there is no record from the warehouse; please provide the copy of goods receipts delivery order to us. Should we confirm that the goods were lost under the custody of the warehouse, the warehouse will compensate according to the value of the goods, not exceed USD30. There will be no compensation should the customers fail to provide proof that the warehouse has received the goods.


8.       Please ensure that the goods do not violate the freight regulation. Far East and its partners will not receive goods that are not allowed to ship.


9.       Customers to honestly declare should the goods are classified as “sensitive” goods. Such undisclosed information may leads to delay in shipment, fine, offences, blacklist or related consequences. As an agent, Far East will assist its customers to clear the goods at its best endeavor. However, Far East is not responsible for any detention of goods by local authorities. (Penalty charges for detention related to sensitive goods is RMB30/KG).


10.   Customers may choose to submit its invoice by themselves and kindly instruct accordingly. Please note that tax or duties will be imposed on goods that are value more than USD100. 


11.   Courier service provider will not be responsible for any damages to the goods whilst in transit.


12.   Customers are advised to check the goods and quantity. Should customers discover there is discrepancies in quantity of goods received, Far East will instruct the warehouse for verification. However, it is not the warehouse’s responsibility to compensate for the loss quantity.


13.   Valuable goods worth more than USD100 is recommended to acquire insurance protection.


14.   In the event of loss goods, courier service provider will compensate based on the value declared in the delivery advice, not exceeding USD100 per delivery advice. If the goods is loss before being shipped, freight forwarding charges will be refund. No refund of freight forwarding charges for goods that is loss after arriving at destination. (Any request for claims shall be submitted within 48 hours upon receipt of goods, together with photos and supporting document)


15.   Customers are advised to check the physical condition of the package before acknowledge on the delivery note. Customers also advised to count the quantity, check the weight and take a photo in present of the courier’s delivery staff. Should there be any problem, kindly get the staff to acknowledge and send the documents to Far East in order to begin the claim process. Without  any proof of defects as illustrated above, Far East can only verify with warehouse and not able to assist on claim for compensation.


16.   If customer find out the quantity of goods are lesser, the customer is advised to take a photo of the goods inside the original packing and send the photo to the supplier. There are many possibilities of errors during the goods transition, hence, we request customer to be patient and wait for the finding results.


17.   Customer who choose sea freight has to note that shipping company will not be responsible for any damages on goods. Should there be any queries by the local authority regarding the weight of the products, shipping company will be responsible.


18.   Far East only deal with our direct customer. If the customer is acting as an agent, Far East will not deal directly with the end user.


19.   Goods traceability. Air freight can be trace online. Sea freight can be trace via phone calls to shipping company. Customers are advised to contact shipping company directly.


20.   Customer to understand that during holiday and public holiday is usually peak season. Hence, the process will be slower.


21.   We assume that the customer understands the terms and conditions upon payment. Any cancellation will not be entertained.



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